a new perspective - Counselling and Psychotherapy in Twickenham
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"Change occurs when one becomes what one is, not when one tries to become what one is not"  Beisser 1974

Welcome to my site.  I am a counsellor and psychotherapist in Twickenham working with people from all backgrounds to alleviate unnecessary suffering and enable growth and change.

Trained in therapeutic counselling and Gestalt psychotherapy my approach is tailored to the unique wishes and needs of each individual.  This begins with the support and non-judgemental acceptance necessary to enable you to explore your thoughts and feelings freely. We work at your pace, perhaps to relieve the tension of unexpressed emotion, raise awareness, gain insight and develop internal support and resources to increase your strength and flexibility. I work with the whole person and root causes as well as easing symptoms such as depression, anxiety, confusion, self esteem issues, relationship issues and more.  Whatever it is, you don't have to go through it alone.

Short Term Counselling
Suitable if you wish to address a particular issue or need support and understanding during a difficult time, perhaps for a few weeks or months.
Open Ended Counselling/Psychotherapy
Where life circumstances are enduringly difficult, or you wish to explore and address deeper patterns of thought, emotions or behaviour, for personal development, or you have been given a mental health diagnosis, you may choose to have therapy for a longer period of time.

Personal Development
My work with clients is suitable for personal development, exploring how we are in relation to others and our environment, expanding our relational capacity using dialogue and raising self awareness for more authentic and satisfying living.  I believe human development is life long. 

Relationship Counselling
I trained to work with couples in a short term model, 6-8 sessions.  The aim is to understand and improve your relationship by looking more closely at the dynamics between you.  By gaining greater awareness and understanding unhelpful patterns of relating may be addressed, better ways of communicating developed and constructive expression practiced.  Where relevant we may explore how our histories impact our relationships too.